Ian McGregor Medal

The Association awards the Ian McGregor Medal for outstanding performance at the FRCS(Plast) examination.  

The winner is selected by the Intercollegiate Board and the medal is inscribed with the winner's name and qualifications.

Past Winners

1993 A K Ray (Presented by I A McGregor)
1994 A Sorrell (March) 
D Sammut (September)
1995 K Dunn 
1997 I W R Holten (March)
F V Mehendale (September) 
2000 A D Pay (September 
2002 N V Kang (March)
A J Lim (September) 
2003 S J Eccles (March)
D W Oliver (September) 
2004 S Hamilton (September) 
2005  C Nduka (March)
L K Cogswell (September) 
2006 E L Hormbrey (March)
T C S Cubison (September)
D L Chester (September) 
2007 M A Griffiths (March)
D J Dewar (September) 
2008 M D Pacifico (March)
J A Haeney (September) 
2010  S J Lo (March) 
2012 R A Pearl (September) 
2014  J C E Pollock (September) 
2015 H Douglas  (September)
A Molina (September)
2017 A Din (September) 
2018 J E T Wokes (March)
T P Crowley (September)
2019 M Pywell (September)
2020 F J Marlborough (March)
J Ruston FRCS (November)
2023 A T Saeed (November)
O Sharp (September)
2024 R Miller (March) 
M E A M Herieka (March)